Wellness, Meditation, and Rock Climbing

Many years ago I came across a book called How To Meditate written by Lawrence Leshan. In his book, Mr. LeShan gives instruction on several different types of meditation, structured and non-structured. Two comments that he makes in the book have Continue reading Wellness, Meditation, and Rock Climbing

Meditate While Sleeping?

We all know that humans need a certain number of good sleeping hours. We are replenished when we sleep well; we are depleted when we don’t. But contemplating the words stated by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, ”Sleep is the best meditation”, gave me a very different take on sleep. Continue reading Meditate While Sleeping?

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday explores what’s old and what’s new. There is so much wisdom in ancient traditions and astounding strides are being made every day in modern medicine. We’re getting into all of it…the old, the new, but always that which nourishes, along with some plain old interesting science…because I love science.

We’ll peer into all types of healing modalities. Continue reading Wellness Wednesday