The philosophical theory that only the consciousness exists, or can be proved to exist.

When you really think about it…what can we truly prove about our existence? There’s the Big Bang Theory, but where did that come from?  Is there a wonderful and masterful being somewhere in the sky that made the earth in 7 days? Prove it. You can’t, and neither can anyone else. Where do your dreams come from? Are they more or less real than your waking life? Many LSD takers have sworn that they can touch their most vivid ‘hallucinations’.

No one has an answer to our beginning…no one. You can believe that something called God created it all, but where did God come from? In the end, many religious people just give up and acquiesce to the notion that God made everything, so now I don’t have to think about it.

When you really do think about it, it’s impossible to verify anything except your own consciousness. I think, I have feelings, I hurt, therefore, I am. That’s really all I know. I cannot tell you where I came from and I’m not talking about my mother and father. Where did I come from? Where is the beginning and what is consciousness connected too?

Many religions speak about God being beyond comprehension and yet they try so hard to comprehend and even put form to God. They all speak of oneness. We are all one. We are all created by the same force. We are equal in that way.

I’m pretty sure that ‘something’ cannot come from ‘nothing’. So I ask again, where did we come from?

Maybe we come from time. But not time as we think about it. Not time ticking on a clock. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity speaks to everything that moves at a constant speed being subject to the same physical laws. That spawns the question, is there life somewhere in time and space moving at a constant but different speed from ours, that we cannot see or touch because we are not subject to those physical laws? What does that do to religious beliefs? Are God and Jesus, Buddha and all the rest there too?

If you’re a spiritual sort, as I am, then you feel something greater than yourself or anything that you see, touch, feel or experience here. What we call that isn’t important. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t stand in awe of creation on some level. If you’re a parent, you certainly know what I’m talking about. Creation truly is a marvel.

But, let’s go back to Solipsism. If consciousness is the only provable thing, that is to say, “I know that I’m here and I’m thinking, feeling, etc, am I a ripple in time of some sort? What’s the connection?”

There have been, over and over, great spiritual teachers that have come to various places on earth. Their messages seem to fit the mores of the time in which they lived, but universally they all to want us to know that we all come from some blessed beginning. Further, they ask that we care for one another. They all have a golden rule that speaks to treating each other with kindness and compassion, the way we want to be treated by others. Their message is very simple.

Many religions, organizations, and various paths have been formed in the name of these high thinking givers of peace and unconditional love. The unfortunate part is that the very formation of those groups has often caused rancor, hatred, and even killing… in the name of those who preached love, forgiveness, and peace. It just does not compute.

Whatever your religious beliefs are, you cannot prove in any way, shape or form that your thoughts or philosophies are more, or better, or the highest, or the only. Give it up. It isn’t the truth. Yours is not better, it’s only yours. Your spiritual ideal, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, etc did not come here to infuse you with arrogance or disdain for those that think differently from you. Nor do any of us have the authority to declare that someone will suffer some great hell if they don’t accept a certain path.

Contemplation and focus on your spiritual ideal might be a very good way to infuse yourself with the real message those high beings bring. I have a feeling that they knew where we come from. Praying for guidance and then just sitting quietly with the image of that sweet and kind man or woman that taught a pure and simple way of living, loving, and not judging. Maybe that’s the connection.

Find that pure place inside, through your ideal image of God or Creation, and be quiet enough to hear, feel, and know that we are all connected somewhere in time… in that beginning place that the human mind cannot comprehend. That makes me a Hindu, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Muslim, a Jew, a Zoroastrian, and all the rest that are moving toward the knowledge that we are all cut from the same sacred cloth.

– Carolyn Stonecloud


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