2 When No One Understands YOU
For those that are serious about embedding the techniques of “Integrated Intuitive Thinking” I offer one-on-one private study for 4 weeks or more.
I will sit with you and decide what your goals are for pursuing this study further before we begin the course.
Some will want to take things to a much deeper level for themselves and others may want to take things to more of a professional level.
Either way, this course will teach the student to delve deep into his/her inner sanctum. We will pursue more deeply the Universal meanings of the information that the individual receives. This will help the student to hone her/his own skills and learn to recognize the landscape of his/her inner world and how it interfaces with life.
This requires the student to be dedicated to the process, meditate regularly and be prepared for each session.
I care deeply for all of my students and their progress gives me more joy than I can describe, however, in the interest of integrity I must reserve the right to discontinue this course if I determine the student is not participating fully.
Pre-requisite – Beginning and Intermediate Integrated Intuitive Thinking
4 WEEK COURSE: $1000