Many hands, one heartWhat we’re here for is to help one another. Everything else is what we do in between.

When we are presented with the opportunity to extend ourselves to someone else, it is a gift to us. It’s a win/win.

We have given love and received it in one fell swoop. It should be entered into with reverence and a quiet mind. There is no need to be thanked, or patted on the back. After all, we have just done the right thing. That is the lesson and the reward.

You don’t have to look for it, but be aware and ready.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
– Dalai Lama 


9 Replies to “Opportunity”

  1. Blessings and Congratulations on your new website! Thank you for creating an online Sacred Space where we can journey together through the dark mysteries and infinite possibilities of our lives. Epic Love to you Carolyn!

  2. Penelope. Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement. I hope this will be a place for a lot of expression of the highest we can all come up with. At least we can give it our best efforts.

  3. I hadn’t the need to see Carolyn for quite a few years and was sad to discover that her contact information had changed. The last time we sat together was in Santa Barbara county 6 years ago.
    It was fate I would run into Carolyn in front of one of my favorite small Thai cafes….where moments earlier there was an extremely agitated homeless man pacing outside the door of the restaurant, seemingly psychotic, screaming profanities…at no one in particular. The patrons inside the restaurant were worried he might barge in and hurt someone.
    Suddenly there was silence.
    I feared something had happened to him. I got up from my chair to look outside, only to see the remarkable Carolyn Stonecloud, one hand on the mans shoulder, speaking to him in her soft calming voice, offering to help him….I love the spirit that resides within this women, and now I have her new contact information…I am blessed,

  4. This is pure delight to read, Carolyn!
    How exciting for connecting us in cyber space which is sacred indeed…
    So surprised and delighted to have you visit the cottage!!
    Looking forward to your words of wisdom and insights here on the blog! :-))))

  5. What a wonderful idea! A place to learn from one another’s experience 🙂 Looking forward to it!
    Whenever you offer a miracle to another, you are shortening the suffering of both of you. ~ACIM

  6. Dear Carolyn, had I spoken to you sooner than later all those years we met at my parents’ home, might have saved a lot of unnecessary struggling (on my part & perhaps those closest to me).
    I love you & thank you for the gift you gave me (which was a realisation of something deep within myself) that I’ve neglected for too long.
    Please let me know when I can contact you again xo

    • I don’t know how this got past me dear Neda. Better late that never on both sides. I’m so happy that we finally connected on this level. Contact me anytime.
      Much love,

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