Meditate While Sleeping?

“Sleep is the best meditation.”
     ~His Holiness The Dalai Lama

We all know that humans need a certain number of good sleeping hours. We are replenished when we sleep well; we are depleted when we don’t.

But contemplating the words written above, stated by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, ”Sleep is the best meditation”, gave me a very different take on sleep.

I have a friend whose mind is so creative, so active and alive that he wishes he didn’t have to be bothered with sleeping. I have to admit that I’ve had that thought as well.

There’s no need to go into a scientific explanation of sleep and its benefits. You can read that in a thousand places, just go to Google. So we’ll skip that here.

I’ve worked with a lot of dream experts. They are people who believe that just like anything else that happens to us in life, our dreams are informing us. And further that we are literally experiencing ourselves in another realm when we are sleeping.

These “Dream Tenders” often suggest that we write down our dreams and then contemplate their meanings. That perhaps just a step beyond that, we can actually program our dreams to retrieve information that may not be available to us as we walk through our busy daily (and very physically and mentally consuming) lives.

In giving real minutes of my time to the words of the wise and most compassionate Dalai Lama, I thought of meditation, which I love and need greatly. Meditation informs me in the most profound and beautiful ways. Ways that I cannot get to in the physical environment in which I live.

When I meditate, my mind is focused but free of strain. My body relaxes as it does in no other way. My heart is liberated and opened to feel everything and nothing. The entire Universe seems vast and silent, sweet and available and oh so full of love and endless knowledge.

Meditation releases the meditator from the bonds of the physical and its endless attempt to convince us that we are limited. I am NOT limited when meditating. I am only attached to the Divine Ocean of absolute being and creativity.

Is it possible to experience that as we sleep too? What a deep and profound thought. That would give us more time to be free to experience the true Self. The real Knower within.

The very thought of this may just turn a tumultuous night into a blissful interval with the deepest part of the real Self, and a day that follows full of joy and peace.

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