It’s Not Your Imagination After All

Thoughts and ideas are in the air. I think maybe Einstein said that. I love to read his quotes because he was a genius on so many levels. He understood the Universe in a very unique and integrated way.

So if thoughts and ideas are in the air…do we all have access to them? We sure do. I pull those thoughts and ideas into my head every time I do a session. It’s a pretty natural process. You just have to start paying attention to things you normally don’t give much time to.

Have you ever met someone that you’d heard about from a friend and upon meeting them realized that the person looks exactly as you had “imagined”? That’s because you didn’t imagine it at all. You just happened to hold on to what you pulled out of the air when you were first heard of that person.

Your introduction to that person was not when you actually met them. It was when you were first told about them.

We know that everything is made of energy….EVERYTHING.  And all of that energy is moving and touching and blending in ways that we don’t think about.

If you want to begin to develop your intuition, be aware of your feelings. Start with that right away.

If something is bothering you, or sticks in your mind do this;

Sit quietly. Take some deep but gentle breaths. Allow your body to relax. Breathe gently until you feel quiet and centered.

When you feel neutral, begin to perceive the situation at hand. If you feel anxious or upset, stay with it and breathe. Just observe, be your own witness. The information you need will come.

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