Everyone loves Elephants. They are gentle giants. Nurturing, full of courage and ready to defend the herd at all times.

The Elephant is extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal. It feels and thinks deeply. Elephant never forgets.

If you see Elephant in a dream it could be a clear message to practice patience, not only with others but also with yourself.

Elephant is auspicious. A white Elephant is an indication of royalty, or something big coming. Elephant brings good luck and prosperity.

If you find yourself attracted to Elephant or encountering Elephant you may want to spend some time contemplating using a vision of this awesome being. Have a picture of Elephants handy and look at it often. Tune yourself to the possibility of a message coming and then…

Sit quietly. Breathe a few times, gentle and slow breaths. When you feel neutral, see Elephant before you. Feel everything that your Elephant is feeling. And now see and know what your emissary Elephant sees and knows. There is your message.

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