Daily Blog Post Themes

My daily blogs are themed to give the reader something short and sweet, as well as thoughtful and energizing to carry them throughout each day.

Mineral Monday

Join me on Mineral Monday. Gather knowledge about Earth’s great Minerals and Gems and their ability to pass on energies of grace and healing. You’ll find a quick internal process that will make Monday much more than just another “Manic Monday”.

Totem Tuesday

Animals bring messages, if we are willing to spend just a little time and give them our respect. Allowing guidance at times to come through our Animal friends deepens our connections to all life and can infuse magic into our existence right here and now.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday explores what’s old and what’s new. There is so much wisdom in ancient traditions and astounding strides are being made every day in modern medicine. We’re getting into all of it…the old, the new, but always that which nourishes, along with some plain old interesting science…because I love science.

We’ll peer into all types of healing modalities.

Third-Rock Thursday

Third Rock Thursday is dedicated to that which serves Mother Earth, the environment in which we live. She holds up and nurtures all of life, as we know it.

There are a lot of very unpleasant things happening to our environment. At the very same time we also have an abundance of the worlds greatest minds working on solutions. These dedicated champions are coming up with mind-blowing ideas and answers. On Third Rock Thursday we will join them.

Interfaith Friday

Interfaith Friday will be a sweet and informative time to read and reflect on faiths from around the world. A blend of what we know and what we can learn from one another.

The best elixir for fear is knowledge. Let’s build a Beloved Community together, right here and right now. Share your thoughts, ideas, prayers, and meditations with us here. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Psychic Saturday

Psychic Saturday is not just about intuition, although that’s my bag for sure. It’s about alchemy.

Join me to seek out mystery, magic, and secrets from ancient traditions that have harnessed great power and blended it with compassion and understanding.

Your intuition is already part of you. Join me to find your path to your own inner brilliance.

Centered Sunday

Centered Sunday will help you find the place inside of you that knows no fear and no upset. That deep place is only connected to the Divine Creator and you have the one and only key. No one but you can enter. You cannot be invaded there.

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