Bloodstone is one of my very favorite stones. Not all of them are as pretty as the pictures I have here, but there is just something about this stone that pulls at me. I could hold it and stare at and into a Bloodstone for hours.

Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a type of Jasper, a type of Chalcedony. It has a deep green background with bright splotches of red and yellow/gold. The green base color is generally attributed to inclusions of Chlorite, Pyroxene, and Amphibole. The red splashes are concentrations of iron oxide minerals or hematite. It get things moving.

It carries the energy and purity of blood and therefore speaks of life, especially new life…birth.

In antiquity, Bloodstone was considered a semi-precious stone and was used in jewelry, seals, vases, statues, and the like.

Bloodstone offers tremendous protection, outwardly and inwardly. Ancient soldiers often carried it for protection against a physical enemy as well as disease and infection.

Using and working with Bloodstone can invigorate the physical, increase energy and endurance and strengthen the internal organs.

Bloodstone is mined mostly in India but is also found in Brazil, China, Madagascar, and Australia. Smaller deposits of Bloodstone are also found in California, Oregon. Washington, and Nevada.

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