Meditation of Silence

We seem to have plenty of time to run ourselves ragged, work ourselves to death, and get lost in meaningless emotion. Most of those things lead us into deep exhaustion and imbalance, inside of which there is no peace and little if any progress…a paycheck maybe, but obtained at the cost of our solace and even perhaps our destiny.

At the risk of sounding preachy, I’ve got to say that you do have a destiny. And the knowledge of that path is not in what you see or hear around you.

So listen up….not to me, but to your Self. The true Self is not the name and form that you see in the mirror.  The magic that you truly are has no form and owes nothing but to find and know itself.

It seems that all religions/philosophies insist that there be a day of rest, a holy day, dedicated to God, peace, gathering together in some form or sequestering silently in thought.

Let’s start our journey through Centered Sunday with some thought and meditation. It’s short and very sweet, so just settle in with me a bit.



Take a deep and gentle breath. And now another.

As you breathe think of quiet. Feel quiet. It has a feeling. Deep silence. Nothing. Stay in silence. Feel yourself expanding into the deep. Breathe.

Have the back of your brain sit back as if sitting in an armchair. It’s resting in the quiet.

Feel and know silence as it runs through your body and then beyond. You are now part of the profound and absolute quiet of all creation.

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